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The Phonics In A Box Teacher’s Guide:
Small and practical, the Teacher’s Guide fits right inside the 5" x 11" box.

Teacher's GuideHere, teachers find a wealth of information to use intensively or as needed with students who need extra review and practice. The Teacher’s Guide is also useful for staff development and teacher training. The author, Jane Lydman Emsbo, is a Fellow in The Academy of Orton-Gillingham Teachers and Practitioners. She has gleaned the most effective and practical strategies for busy teachers to use with classrooms, remedial students and individuals.

The strategies are based on the most recent reading research and the multisensory, structured language stratgegies of the Orton-Gillingham approach. They are validated through her many years of teaching and diagnosing students and training teachers.

As with everything in Phonics In A Box, the sections of the Teacher’s Guide can be read and practiced from beginning to end or individually chosen by the teacher. A full list of the words in the box are given at the end of the guide.


Excerpts from Testimonials
“indispensable in our curriculum”
“most useful teacher tool”
“wonderful teaching aid…”
“phonics enjoyable”
“finding specific skill cards easy”
“thanks from a very busy teacher”