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Easy-to-Use Phonics for Busy Reading Teachers • Research-Based on the Orton-Gillingham Approach
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Phonics In A Box is written by a teacher for very busy teachers.

The author, Jane Lydman Emsbo, has been in and out of multitudes of classrooms for many years teaching, diagnosing and helping students and training reading teachers. She realized that reading teachers often are swamped with prescribed phonics programs to follow, assessments to give, and individual needs to attend to.  In overload, they yearn for easy, practical, effective materials to complement their existing phonics, spelling or reading curriculum.  Thus, Phonics In A Box was born.

Jane Lydman Emsbo is a Fellow in The Academy of Orton-Gillingham. She has been a classroom teacher, Montessori teacher,  Certified Learning Disability Teacher and Consultant, diagnostician and educational therapist in private practice, Education Director at Windward School, Learning Specialist and founder of The Orton Discovery Program at Tuxedo Park School, Orton-Gillingham teacher trainer and lecturer and parent consultant.

“…I know something of the depth and breadth of her abilities and accomplishments.  …her own tremendous talents and unusually strong background…”
Headmaster, Tuxedo Park School

“…As an educational specialist, there are few people who can match her ability…Jane Emsbo is truly an expert…”
Clinical Associate Professor, NYU School of Medicine, Fellow American Psychiatric Association

“After I took Jane’s Orton-Gillingham course …children have run down the hall yelling, ‘I can read!’”
Teacher of the Handicapped


Excerpts from Testimonials
“indispensable in our curriculum”
“most useful teacher tool”
“wonderful teaching aid…”
“phonics enjoyable”
“finding specific skill cards easy”
“thanks from a very busy teacher”