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Easy-to-Use Phonics for Busy Reading Teachers • Research-Based on the Orton-Gillingham Approach
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Ready to lift the lid? Start right here…
  Here’s an overview of what you’ll find inside:

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The Word Cards are used to practice words made from the letter sounds and syllable patterns.

The Letter/Sound Cards teach the name and sound of all the letters and letter combinations.

The Divider/Direction Cards separate the sections of Word Cards. On them are directions and tips for teaching each of the skills.

The easy-to-use Progress Chart shows where to start and then is used as an ongoing gauge of mastery through the years.

The Grab Game is extremely popular.

The Teacher’s Guide offers easy-to-follow tips, “Tried and true” strategies from an expert,
Orton-Gillingham strategies, and much more.

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Shown below are the titles of each of the Divider/Direction cards.
  1. CVC Words With a
2. CVC Words With i
3. CVC Words With o
4. CVC Words With u
5. CVC Words With e
6. CVC Words With All Vowels
7. sh and ck
8. ch and tch
9. th, w, wh
10. v, y, z, x, qu, ph
11. Consonant Blends/Beginning of Words
12. Consonant Blends/End of Words
13. Closed Syllables and VC/CV Syllable Division
14. Silent e Syllables
15. Past tense ed Suffix
16. Hard and Soft c and g
17. Y as a vowel
18. Open Syllables and V/CV Syllable Division
19. Wild Old Words
  20. VC/V Syllable Division
21. ing, ang, ong, ung; ink, ank, onk, unk
22. Consonant LE Syllables
23. R-Controlled Syllables With or and ar
24. R-Controlled Syllables With er, ir, ur
25. tion and sion
26. Doubling Rule and Silent E Rule
27. Detached Syllable Practice
28. Syllable Division Practice
29. Vowel Team Syllables With ai and ay
30. Vowel Team Syllables With oa and oe
31. Vowel Team Syllables With ea and ee
32. Vowel Team Syllables With oo
33. Vowel Team Syllables With oi and oy
34. Vowel Team Syllables With ow
35. Vowel Team Syllables With ie
36. Vowel Team Syllables With ou
37. Vowel Team Syllables With au and aw
38. Uncommon Vowel Teams: ey igh eigh ue ew eu ei

Excerpts from Testimonials
“indispensable in our curriculum”
“most useful teacher tool”
“wonderful teaching aid…”
“phonics enjoyable”
“finding specific skill cards easy”
“thanks from a very busy teacher”