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Easy-to-Use Phonics for Busy Reading Teachers • Research-Based on the Orton-Gillingham Approach
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The Direction Cards:  “Almost the best thing in the Box!”
Teaching a new phonics skill in Phonics In A Box?
Take a look at the wonderful teaching tips on the Direction Card in front of each of the 38 skill sections. (A list of all Direction/Divider Cards is shown with the Word Cards).
The Teacher’s Assistant:
The Direction Cards Stand Right Beside You As You Teach New Skills
  • The phonics/reading teacher looks at the sequence of 38 phonics skills and decides what to teach.
  • The phonics/reading teacher thumbs to the tabbed section chosen.
  • She removes the clearly marked Direction Card for the teaching skill.
  • After reading the suggestions and information on the Direction Card, she chooses what, if any, suggestions to use.
  • If the teacher wants more guidance to teach the new skill, she can go to the compact, easy-to-use Teacher’s Guide enclosed in each box.
  • The skill is taught and then reviewed until it is mastered.
direction card 14  
  direction card 14

Excerpts from Testimonials
“indispensable in our curriculum”
“most useful teacher tool”
“wonderful teaching aid…”
“phonics enjoyable”
“finding specific skill cards easy”
“thanks from a very busy teacher”