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Easy-to-Use Phonics for Busy Reading Teachers • Research-Based on the Orton-Gillingham Approach
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The students’ adrenalin will race as they play these games and cement their learning!

• The Grab Game
• Word Squares
• Concentration
• Sort It

There are ready-made games in Phonics In A Box and many suggestions for easy, teacher-made games on the Direction Cards and in the Teacher’s Guide. 

The games in Phonics in A Box are made so that 2-4 students can play independently, while the teacher works with others. The games are easy to keep track of, easy to hand-out, and easy to play. Best of all, students love them, and they are completely flexible. Each game uses the 20–30 Word Cards in one or more of the 38 teaching sections in Phonics In A Box. With the same game format which becomes very familiar to the players,  one section after the other can be chosen to help the students cement growing reading, writing, and spelling skills.

Teacher-made games are usually composed on 3x5 plain index cards to match the Word Cards in Phonics In A Box.  Some suggestions are: Old Maid, Go Fish, Concentration, etc.

Excerpts from Testimonials
“indispensable in our curriculum”
“most useful teacher tool”
“wonderful teaching aid…”
“phonics enjoyable”
“finding specific skill cards easy”
“thanks from a very busy teacher”